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Sharyna graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Australian Catholic University Sydney in 2011. After graduating, she began her career at St George Hospital where she specialised in cardiac nursing. For years Sharyna has always wanted to combine her medical nursing expertise and her passion for aesthetics. This is when she decided she wanted to venture into Aesthetic Nursing and completed accredited cosmetic nursing courses to pursue her passion for all things aesthetics and self-love!

By becoming a cosmetic nurse, Sharyna felt that it enabled her to combine her passion for beauty and health while still maintaining that personal connection with her clients.

Cosmetic procedures can be emotional moments, however Sharyna meets her clients' vulnerability with empathy. With her empathy, she consistently succeeds at cultivating lasting relationships, building trust, and managing her client expectations.

Sharyna is a strong advocate for “investing in yourself.” When you prioritize your health, finance, and education, you are then able to add value to others. One way to prioritize feeling your best, can be by looking your best. With this strong belief, Sharyna appreciates the values that aesthetic nursing holds, as they align with her values in life; listening with empathy, growth through lifelong learning, and investing in yourself.

We promised to take care of our patients and we delivered.